Home of the Weekly WHiP



Warm Up

1 Rounds 

 5 Min - Treadmill Run

3 Rounds 

15 Reps - Machine Fly

15 Reps - Machine Rear Delt Fly

(Same machine as above)

30 Reps - Jumping Jacks 

3 Rounds 

12 Reps- Machine dSide Lateral Raises 

20 Reps - Front Delt Raise & Push

10 Reps EA - Plank Punch


2 Rounds 

12 Reps - Burpee

10 Reps - Push ups  

10 Reps - BB Front Raises 

3 Rounds 

12 Reps EA - Seated Floor DB Shoulder Press 

15 Reps - Banded High Rear Pull 

(Grap a mat and Dumbells)

30 Sec - Toe Taps 

3 Rounds

15 Reps -Rear Delt Rope Pull

12 Rep EA - Cable Single Arm Rear Delt 

30 Sec - Jump Rope w/o rope 



3 Rounds Non Stop

12 Reps - Ball Rollins

20 Reps - Cable Crunch

10 Reps each side - Straight Arm Plank to Side Plank 

LISS Your Choice 20 Min 

( Heart Rate Between 140-155) 

I would love to hear your suggestions 

I am absolutely loving these workouts and it is a true joy to get to share them with you, but that is what this is all about, YOU and I would love to hear you feed back or what you want more of  (Cardio, weights, plyos, unique movements etc.) Thank you in advance for helping me make this fit your goals that much better. Quincey IHM